Monday, February 18, 2013

Beyond You Tube: Other sources for video content appropriate for young children

In the previous two posts, I have discussed how to maximize the educational value of using videos with young children and how to make You Tube more child friendly. This post is dedicated to moving beyond You Tube in search of other video content that might be appropriate for young children.

Other places on the web to find video content for young children: Start bookmarking!!
Kideo:  Videos for kids.  Some of the content on this site comes from You Tube. When you create an account you can check a box that will make sure your child stays within the Kideo site at all times by disabling links to You Tube.  Commonsense media has provided a review of this site.
PBS kids:  There is a video section at PBS kids.  
National Geographic Little Kids Videos:  Science related videos.  Here are some samples,  a wood duck video and a woodpecker video.
Nickjr videos:  Clips from Nickjr. shows.  
Kidyos:  Prescreened videos and games for kids.  Create an account so you can create playlists.  Can also set a time limit.
Kidobi:  Prescreened videos.  Create an account and a profile for up to 3 children.  Commonsense media review.
Mr. Rogers Neighborhood videos:  Clips and full episodes are available.
Sesame Street videos:  You can search by subject and age level.  This site offers tips for parents for viewing and learning together.  
Peep and the Big Wide World:  Collection of science videos. 

Fred Rogers Early Learning Environment:  Videos for kids and parents.  If you create an account, you can create a playlist.  

iTUNES Video Podcasts
iTunes provides another alternative to You Tube.  You can find great educational content on iTunes via video podcasts.  Many video podcasts are free and can be downloaded to a mobile device for offline viewing or can be watched within iTunes.  You can subscribe to your favorites.  Here are a few links to get you started.  

Sesame Street:  Sesame street characters and celebrity guests explain meanings of new words.  A great way to build vocabulary.
NickJr:  Clips from Nickjr shows.
Two Kids Cooking:  Family time in the kitchen.  
Sea World Busch Gardens Animals

Australian Zoo TV:  Animal Diaries
Sky Guy:  Answering kid's questions about space and astronomy

Any other suggestions for finding appropriate video content for young children?  

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