Saturday, August 27, 2016

App All Star: ChatterPix Kids

ChatterPix Kids is simple to use, fun and engaging app developed by Duck, Duck Moose.  The concept is fun, the app allows you to turn anything into a talking picture.  To begin, import or take a picture, draw a line on the picture, and record a message.  This process results in a video of the chosen image, delivering the recorded message. The completed video can be saved to the camera roll on the device for viewing.

Our team used this app much like I described in the Talking Tom post.  ChatterPix Kids is a great tool for simple social stories and reinforcing messages.  The power is in the image that is used, it can be tailored to the child's preferences.  For example, we had a student who was very interested in pirates.  This same student was struggling with walking in the halls, not always being first in line and keeping his hands to himself in the halls.  His teacher had tried some social stories and was having some success, but she decided to tap into the power of the pirate.  She imported a picture of a pirate and had her husband use his best pirate voice to record a scripted message.  The message included the student's name and some pirate vocabulary.  She played it for the student and he was delighted that the pirate was talking to him.  He took the pirate's advice very seriously and showed improvement in his ability to follow rules in the hallway.  He would often quote the pirate to remind others of the rules.  Another teacher delivered some social stories to a Disney obsessed student via Disney princesses and saw success.

Another possible application is using the app as a means for students to demonstrate what they have learned after a project is completed.  For example, after a study of animals that live in Minnesota, a student can choose a picture of an animal and record some simple facts about that animal, then play it for the class, and email to parents.  The app is free, download it and see what you can do with it!