Thursday, April 19, 2012

Doodle Buddy iPad lesson ideas: Creating templates using stamps.

The stamp tool on the Doodle Buddy app, is an easy way to create simple worksheets.  To encourage fine motor practice, I often tape pictures to a large whiteboard and create templates similar to the following examples.  This post illustrates how you can use Doodle Buddy stamps to adapt these whiteboard activities for the iPad.  The stamps work well for working on the concepts of big and little because you can adjust the size of the stamp.  You could create a template for sorting zoo and ocean animals.  Sequencing and counting can also be targeted skills.  I am sure you will think of many more applications!  

Begin by choosing the stamp icon. In this menu you can choose the stamp and the size of the stamp. To draw the path, switch to the chalk by selecting the chalk icon. On the new menu, select the chalk icon at the top of the menu, you can adjust the line width and color using this menu as well.  In the previous Doodle Buddy post I suggested taking a screen shot to save the template.  Another option is to select the wrench icon.  In the new menu, select "Save to Photo Album".  

To use the template, select the tic tac toe icon, then photos, then the picture of the template.  I recommend locking the screen orientation at this point so it is not turning as the student is trying to complete the activity.  If you want to save the student's work, select the wrench and then "Save to Photo Album".  To clear the template for additional use, select the trash can or gently shake the iPad. 

Here is an example of a sequencing template.  

Here is an example of a counting template.  

There is a post on the ASHAsphere blog that highlights the use of the GlowColoring app to spice up worksheets used in speech therapy.  How are you using Doodle Buddy to create templates?  What other apps are you using to create templates?  

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